Molly Munger to “Compare and Contrast” Props 30, 38 in TV Commercials

Until now, Munger has said she supports both Prop 30 and her own measure

Bad news for Jerry Brown. Molly Munger is about to go negative on his tax hike ballot measure.
The millionaire civil rights attorney, who has spent an estimated $28 million of her personal fortune on her own school funding measure (Prop 38), announced on NBC4’s "News Conference” program that she plans on running "compare and contrast” television commercials that will depict her tax hike measure as the one that will help K-12 education, and not the governor’s Proposition 30.

The governor put up a bunch of ads on television saying that his thing sent money directly to schools, was the salvation of schools. It is utterly deceptive,” Munger said on the program. “Prop 30, which is really a budget patch, which is going around saying it’s the schools initiative, when we, who are really the schools initiative, are being asked not to say anything.”

The governor’s Prop 30 will raise an estimated $6 billion through a temporary increase of the sales tax and an income tax on higher earners. The revenue will close a budget gap in the state’s General Fund.

Munger’s measure would raise an estimated $10 billion for elementary and secondary education with taxes being raised on a sliding scale on most wage earners. Her measure would send money directly to school districts and bypass the legislature.

Since her decision to put the measure on the ballot, many in the governor’s office have feared Munger’s ballot initiative would rob Prop 30 of support. Adding to concern is the narrow margin of support, with the governor’s measure polling just above 50 percent. Prop 38 is well below that mark according, to a recent USC/Los Angeles Times survey.

Until now, Munger has said she supports both Prop 30 and her own measure and still says she doesn’t plan on asking voters not to support the governor’s plan. When pressed, however, she indicated voters need help “not to be confused. Prop 38 is the one you want.”

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