More Jobs, More Job Seekers

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NBC Connecticut

California's unemployment rate stayed the same in October --- and that's good news.

How's that? There were more jobs in the state, 39,000 more, according to state data released last month. But the unemployment rate stayed at 12.4 percent -- nearly 3 points higher than the national average -- as more people sought jobs.

Other good news in the report? Job gains were small but diverse, spread among eight different industry sectors. The Sacramento Bee has more details on these statistics here.

Will California ever catch up to the nation? Maybe not. The state has traditionally lagged the country, in good times and in bad, in the employment rate. Even when California is surging, joblessness is higher here because so many come to the state looking for jobs. But job-wise, things in the Golden State is looking up, at least a little bit.

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