More Than 1,000 Breweries From Around the World Help Sierra Nevada Brew “Resilience IPA” to Help Camp Fire Victims

Sierra Nevada Brewing

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico launched the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund to help those affected by California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire.

In a statement, the brewery said they were contributing $100,000 to the fund and put out a call to other breweries to participate in the collaborative brewing process on Tuesday.

“Today is a special day for our brewery,” Sierra Nevada posted on its Facebook page. “Today, we're brewing Resilience Butte County Proud IPA, and we are absolutely blown away to report that more than 1,000 breweries around the world are brewing it with us. 100% of the sales of this beer will be donated to the Camp Fire Relief Fund. Thank you to our employees, thank you to our community, and thank you to our incredible brewing industry. Humbled and grateful doesn't begin to describe it.”

Breweries from San Diego, Portland, Ontario, Canada and other countries responded and pledged their support to brew the beer. Find the full list here

The Russian River Brewing Company from Santa Rosa organized a similar fundraiser after the Tubbs Fire last year.

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