San Diego

Motorcyclist Grabs Feet of Unsuspecting Car Passenger on Freeway

"Don't stick your feet out the car or else I'll grab 'em."

As if you didn't need a reason for why sticking your feet out of a moving car would be a bad idea.

How about this?

A motorcyclist surprised an unsuspecting passenger when he grabbed her feet while he was riding next to the car on a freeway.

Zim Killgore, a photographer, filmed himself cruising down a San Diego highway on his motorcycle when he noticed a pair of Halloween-themed feet poking out the window of a Toyota Camry.

As Killgore catches up to the car, the video dramatically slows down — and Killgore's gloved hand reaches out and grabs the lounging person's toes.

The passenger's feet immediately pull back, and Killgore zooms past — and you can see the passenger peer out the window at her toe pincher.

"Don't stick your feet out the car or else I'll grab 'em," he wrote in the video description.

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