Motorola Tries Its Hand at a Facebook Phone


Facebook still doesn't have an official smartphone, but that hasn't stopped companies like INQ and HTC from releasing their own Facebook-focused phones. Motorola's jumping on the Zuckerberg train too with its own status-updating phone.

UnwiredView has a rather small and blurry pic discovered on Bluetooth SIG's site that shows a Motorola EX225 phone with a dedicated Facebook button, just like HTC's Status/ChaCha.

Just like the HTC Status, Motorola's Facebook phone has a QWERTY keyboard. It also has a 2.5-inch display, 3-megapixel camera and is good on any GSM network, meaning it won't come to Verizon or Sprint.

Why Bother With A Facebook Phone?

It's called an app. Smartphones already have a Facebook app. Why does anybody need a dedicated Facebook phone? We're not sure ourselves. We'd say a Facebook phone is only for the obsessed — those folk who need to fire off a status update every five seconds — the people who comb Facebook all day and night.

More baffling is how Google will react to such a phone, seeing as it owns Motorola's mobile division now. Android is nowhere in sight. It's also worth mentioning that HTC's Facebook phone hasn't sold well, with AT&T preparing to scrap the device after only one month at retail. That's a bad omen, if there ever was one.

The black and red color tones do give the EX225 a DROID-like aura to it, though. Tell us, is building a Facebook-focused phone worth it? If so, why? Technically, any smartphone with a Facebook app is already a Facebook phone.

Bluetooth SIG, via UnwiredView

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