Mourners on Their Way Into Funeral Beat Driver

Man honked his horn outside church

Mourners heading into a funeral service were caught on camera beating a driver who angered them by honking his horn outside the church.

An NBC10 viewer witnessed the entire scene play out in front of the La Iglesia De Dios Church in Mount Holly, N.J. on Tuesday afternoon.

The witness, who did not want to be identified, said the confrontation started when the driver of a red car honked his horn at funeral-goers in the road.

That's when the group of people, some wearing suits and others in memorial T-shirts, swarmed the driver's side window.

The video shows one man slamming the car door and another running up and starting to wallop the driver through the open window. A group of men pulled him away, and the driver took off.

"If you watch the two elders walk up next to the car, they try and like keep the younger guys away and kinda like nudge them on," the witness said watching the video.

The incident was reported to local police, but when they got there, the driver was gone.

The witness says that police officers then ushered everyone into the church for the funeral.

No one was charged as of Thursday night.

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