Mr. Peanut Dies in Super Bowl Ad, Causing Nut Lovers Everywhere to Mourn

Fans can watch the famed nut's funeral during the third quarter of the Super Bowl

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Planters confirmed that Mr. Peanut died during a pre-Super Bowl ad and nut lovers everywhere Wednesday are mourning his death, NBC News reports.

The snack company posted the ad of Mr. Peanut, clad in his signature top hat and holding his black cane, and his friends, Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh, getting into a car accident to social media Tuesday. As the trio tries to escape the swerving NUTmobile, they cling to a tree branch. While they were momentarily safe, their combined weight nearly snaps the branch until Mr. Peanut decides to let go and sacrifice his life to save his friends.

“It’s with heavy hearts that we confirm Mr. Peanut has passed away at 104 years old,” Samantha Hess, planters brand manager at Kraft Heinz, said in a statement. “He will be remembered as the legume who always brought people together for nutty adventures and a good time."

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