N.C. Sheriff Vows to Solve 1980 Slaying of Teen

A county sheriff from the North Carolina town that inspired "The Andy Griffith Show" has vowed to solve a local cold case surrounding the 1980 death of a 14-year-old girl, NBC News reported. Surry County Sheriff Graham Atkinson has formed a task force with neighboring police to find Ronda Blaylock's killer and get justice for her widowed mother. Blaylock was walking a friend home after school on Aug. 26, 1980, when the two girls got into a blue pickup driven by a man in his 20s who said his name was Jimmy but called himself Butch. Her friend was dropped off at her house, but Blaylock never arrived home. Her body was discovered three days later, partially clothed and stabbed to death in the woods. The case went cold in 1980, but Atkinson and his team are investigating again after "some new stuff popped up" in the the case, he said. "He should be worried because we are definitely after him and we're coming," Atkinson said.

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