Murder Trial Begins for Georgia ‘Hot Car' Dad Justin Harris

Jury selection has began Monday in the case of a Georgia man who was charged in June 2014 with murdering his toddler son, NBC News reported.

Justin Harris' son, Cooper, was left buckled into the backseat of the family's SUV for seven hours on a day when temperatures soared to nearly 90 degrees. An autopsy found that the boy died of hyperthermia.

Soon after Harris was charged, conflicting depictions of him arose — including that he supposedly lived a double life.

Authorities said Harris, who owed $4,000 in credit card debt, had asked relatives how to cash in two life insurance policies — one for $2,000, the other for $25,000 — that he and his wife had taken out on Cooper. 

At the same time, a petition supporting Harris appeared on, saying the toddler's death was "a horrible accident."

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