Bill Murray: “Ghostbusters 3” a “White Alligator in the Sewer”

Bill Murray, in New York for the Tribeca Film Festival, has made it abundantly clear that he's had enough of all the "Ghostbusters 3" chatter, dismissing it as a "white alligator in the sewer."

Murray and his "Get Low" co-star Sissy Spacek on Tuesday politely answered for 25 minutes the same questions they'd no doubt heard at every stop on the festival circuit with their new film "Get Low." As the talk wound down, Murray was hit with the inevitable question about the possibility of the long-rumored sequel.

"Sissy knows my answer to this by now, she can handle it," said Murray as Spacek laughed knowingly. "It's just a myth, it's like the white alligator in the sewer, you know? Who's seen it, really?"

Asked about the rumors that Ivan Reitman, director of the original is hot to do it, Murray deflected again.

"It's just really the movie studio, they love the franchise of it. They'd like to just recreate it again."

Pressed once more on whether he'd be up for a third installment, Murray again refused to answer the question with a yes or no.

"Well, you know, all this talk  is just talk -- it drives me nuts -- it's just people talking. And now it's like on the street, people going, 'Hey, hey, hey…' Well, why don't you go back to high school? It doesn't bother me. Until someone creates a great script, it's just hogwash, it doesn't mean anything. It's interesting that people are interested in it, they'd like to see it. It was a great thing. It really was fun... if it's such a good idea, someone will write the screenplay."

Just a few weeks ago there was talk that there is in fact a script.

"Producers gave Bill script approval needed for his cooperation, but that can't even seem to get him on the phone to talk about the script. He's even told 'em that his character needs to be killed off in the opening minutes of the film," National Enquirer columnist Mike Walker told Howard Stern.

And apparently Dan Aykroyd has called Murray, telling him to "stop acting like a jerk" and get on board.

There's no shortage of people eager to make this project happen and it would make a ton of money. But without Murray involved it will feel like nothing more than a cheap payday, instead of the joyous reunion it could be.

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