Activision No “Hero” for Maroon 5 Singer

Adam Levine isn’t likely to sing lovingly about Activision any time soon. Instead, the Maroon 5 frontman has sent the video game maker a “Wake Up Call.”

The lead vocalist for such hits as “She Will Be Loved” has sued Activision, alleging that its game “Band Hero” exploits his name and likeness to boost sales, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Levine granted the game maker limited use of his name and likeness for the “Guitar Hero” spinoff, and allowed Activision to use “She Will Be Loved”—which he performed using motion capture—for the game, The Hollywood Reporter said.
But in his lawsuit, Levine says Activision’s game allowed players to make his avatar sing, dance and perform songs by other artists that he didn’t approve. More than 60 such songs are included in “Band Hero,” according to
The game also allowed players to use Levine’s avatar to perform songs using other voices, including female ones, he alleges.
Levine is suing for fraudulent inducement, breach of contract, violation of common-law right of publicity and unfair business acts or practices, The Hollywood Reporter said.
He is a coach on the NBC reality series “The Voice,” and his band performed live at Rockefeller Center for “Today” on Friday.
No Doubt sued Activision on the same grounds after “Band Hero” debuted in 2009, reported. That suit is still pending.
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