Alec Baldwin to Stay on “30 Rock,” Returns to Twitter

As long as the show's renewed by the network, Baldwin will stick with it

"30 Rock" hasn't seen the last of Alec Baldwin. And neither has Twitter.

A rep for the actor told The Wrap Monday that Baldwin is committed to at least two more seasons on "30 Rock" and would stick with the comedy as long as it is renewed by NBC.

As for the second bit of news, Baldwin spoke for himself. After weeks of radio silence on his once profilic Twitter account, he retuned Jan. 6 with a belated "Happy New Year" followed by a steady stream of links and life advice ("Read a newspaper, in print or online, every day," he tweeted Monday).

The account went dead Dec. 6 after he used it lash out at American Airlines for kicking him off a flight at LAX.

"30 Rock" will kick off its sixth season on NBC Thursday. Balwin has won two Emmys and three Golden Globes for his role as executive Jack Donaghy on the comedy.

Selected Reading: The Wrap

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