Amanda Seyfried's Been Bitten by the Baby Bug

She told Leno that she can't wait to have kids.

Though she may be single, Amanda Seyfried has her priorities straight.

“I can’t wait to have kids,” she gushed last night to Jay Leno, adding, that she has to keep herself in check.

“I’m not having a baby anytime soon.”

The 25-year-old star of “In Time” then added some detail to the practicality of having a child. “I don’t even have a boyfriend, so it’s not going to happen.”

But Seyfried remains optimistic. “I love spending time with babies and daydreaming what it’s going to be like for me,” she told Leno.

Seyfried added that she’s not looking to date someone famous right now, telling Glamour magazine that intense attention probably played a factor into how brief her relationship with Ryan Phillipe was.

She also dated Dominic Cooper, her co-star from “Mama Mia!”

For the moment, the blonde beauty is happy mothering her dog Finn. “I treat him like a child!” she said.

“I think that’s easier for now.”

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