“America's Got Talent” Debuts New Season

In the season premiere of the hit NBC show, viewers saw everything from jaw-dropping dance numbers, the old and the young, and even a man who juggled fiery torches while riding a unicycle, as skilled and unskilled alike tried their best at the Los Angeles auditions, in hopes of winning the $1 million prize.

The show kicked of its sixth season with a two-hour premiere, featuring judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel deciding who should stay, and who should go away. Nick Cannon MC’d for the night.

As the Los Angeles Times notes, some of the talent went straight back to “old-fashioned vaudeville,” with circus and animal acts.

Frank Olivier, a native of Oakland, California, wowed crowds with his balance and cool riding a unicycle and juggling three torches, betimes using judge Howie Mandel’s head for balance.

This seemed to delight judge Piers Morgan, who told Olivier, “You have infected Howie with your germs, you nearly set fire to him, you terrified the life out of him. In short," Morgan continued, "you have become one of my favorite acts ever.”

Another contestant, Frank Miles, juggled not flaming torches, but 500,000-volt stun guns.

For the cute quotient, child hip-hop group Sh’Boss fit the bill, rapping about growing up. “I know how to add and subtract/I read a bunch of books, and that’s a fact.”

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