Anatomy of a Bomb Threat: How Harvard Hoax Suspect Got Caught

The Harvard freshman accused of emailing a bogus bomb threat in a misguided effort to get out of taking a final exam was released Wednesday on $100,000 bond and ordered to stay with a family member nearby. But two days after Eldo Kim's alleged stunt shut down the Harvard campus, attention is turning to what experts say may have been his lackluster efforts to disguise his identity online — efforts that could earn him a failing grade, whatever his grade on the test he tried to dodge. Authorities say he tried to use a program called Tor to anonymize himself — but Harvard probably could identify computers that connected to Tor through its network. "Basically, if you're using a tool that gives you plausible deniability, it also makes you the most likely candidate," one expert told NBC News. Also, Kim could have taken other precautions while using Tor — like booting it from a thumb drive instead of his own computer's hard drive. Kim has since admitted to sending the bomb threat in order to get out of the test he so dreaded.

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