Best Holiday Splurge Gifts

Get ready to do some millionaire shopping with a look at the best splurge gifts to buy this holiday season.

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Neiman Marcus
Sometimes, you really want to go big for the holidays. If you've got a big wallet, here are some ideas for how to do that: 2012 Ferrari FF: The latest Ferrari Four sports a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The luxury sports car has a 651-horsepower V12 engine and four-wheel drive/ Perfect for: The car collector that burns money like they burn rubber. Find it: Scout out local Ferrari dealers soon, the price is rumored to be in the $700k area.
Alexander McQueen Pony Boots: These 14.5 centimeter heel boots are made for walkin'! The over-the-knee thigh high boots are bold and sleek, and have been worn by supermodel Heidi Klum. Perfect for: A statement-making gal with great style and balance. Find it: You can strut in them too by purchasing them on, $2,635.
Deuce Magna Handmade Chess Set: Built from an ebony structure with pear tree marquetry, this French luxurious 15.7 inch game set gives the serious game of chess a new meaning. Find it: Chess lovers can purchase their set at, for $13, 750.
Neiman Marcus
Dancing Fountains: Bring the showmanship of the Bellagio to your backyard with your own personal, individually programmable dancing fountains. Perfect For: Garden party enthusiasts and Vegas veterans. Find it: You can have two of these fountains installed on your property by dialing Neiman Marcus at 1-877-9NM-GIFT, $1 million.
Dinner in the Sky: You and 22 guests can enjoy Dinner in the Sky--180 feet in the sky, to be exact--comfortably strapped onto leather seats that are secured to a dining table. Perfect for: Diners searching to take their culinary experience to new heights. Find it: Purchase your package at, $40,000.
Neiman Marcus
Hacker-Craft Speedboat: A limited edition 27-foot mahogany wonder that features a 425-horsepower engine-CE. The purchase is complete with button-down shirts for the crew, a decanter rack, and special instruction. Perfect for: Scotch-sipping, Hemingway-reading maritime men. Find it: View the vessel here, and call 1-877-9NM-GIFT, $250,000.
Jimmy Choo Sequined iPad Cover: Add some sparkle to your life with this multi-colored, glitter-coated tech toy cover! Perfect for: This eye-catching, glitzy iPad slip is ideal for the glamorous gadget girl. Find it: Dress up your iPad at, $495.
The Guitar Collection: Presenting the world's most elite guitars with more than 670 original full-color images, this limited edition lets you experience rock 'n' roll history at its finest. Find it: Purchase your leather-covered book at for only $1,500.
Neiman Marcus
Custom-Built Library: Publishing house Assouline will customize a library for you, complete with special carpeting, framed prints, and 250 current and vintage volumes in the genre of your choice. Perfect for: Bibliophiles with a little extra cash to burn. Find it: Secure the purchase of the library by calling 1-877-9NM-GIFT, $125,000.
Neiman Marcus
Int'l Flower Show Tour: You and nine friends can head overseas to enjoy the world's most celebrated flower shows, such as the Swiss Tulip Festival, stopping at spas throughout the trip—scheduled for takeoff on May 12. Perfect for: A bachelorette party with a passion for botany. Find it: Book the tour by calling 1-877-9NM-GIFT, $420,000.
Pyrotechnic Workshop: Fascinated by the world of special effects? Cloud 9 Living is offering an intensive, 5-hour Pyrotechnic Workshop in Austin, Texas. Work with an award-winning director and Special FX Pro to learn the basics of manipulating fire, and finish off with five cinema-worthy explosions. Find it: Buy two tickets at, $530.
Neiman Marcus
Dream Folly: Ever wanted to sit inside of Jeannie's bottle? Wish no more--you can relive your memories of "I Dream of Jeannie" in an 18-foot luxury yurt filled with plush, decadent accessories, installed on the grounds of your estate. Find it: Purchase the Folly by calling 1-877-9NM-GIFT for more details, $75,000.
Neiman Marcus
Scotch Tasting: For those that enjoy the full flavor imparted by a good Scotch, you can get a private tasting with Johnnie Walker. The VIP event gives you and 20 guests the chance to taste five blends of Johnnie Walker labels in the comfort of your own home, accompanied by an genuine Scottish bagpiper. Find it: Buy the tasting by calling 1-877-9NM-GIFT, $5,000
AVID Acutus Reference SP: This stainless steel turntable will make you rethink about selling your classic vinyls! Producing smooth sounds at 45 RPM, its stunning and precise. Perfect for: Avid music lovers looking to hear their classics in a whole new perspective. Find it: Buy your set at, $19, 995.
Martini on the Rock: Ready to tie the knot? Head to New York's Algonquin hotel. Call ahead of the proposal to visit with the hotel's private jeweler who'll assist in picking the perfect gem, then wait in anticipation as the martini hosting the ring is presented to your darling. Find it: Call The Algonquin at 212-840-6800 to schedule, $10,000.
Hands Free Hair Rejuvenation System: Want thicker and fuller hair for the holidays? You can certainly get it with this professional low-level laser technology that is pain free and covers your entire scalp with rejuvenating light. Find it: Purchase yours at Sharper Image for only $699.99
Arcade Legends: Remember when you ruled the arcade? Now you can do it all over again in your own home! With over 100 retro games, this classic console keeps everyone entertained with favorites like Asteroids and Space Invaders. Find it: Buy yours and become a legend for $2,999.99 at Sharper Image.
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