Colbert’s “Countdown to Loving Mitt” Clock Nears Zero

The "Colbert Report" host prepared to suck it up and cheerlead for Romney.

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As the GOP field hunkered down for Super Tuesday, Stephen Colbert had a prediction Monday night — and it was one he was none too pleased to make.

"It looks like it's gonna be Mitt Romney's night," the "Colbert Report" host declared.

He cited the former Massachusetts governor's leads in a handful of states, Idaho among them. ("No surprise — it's the potato state, and Mitt is nothing if not pale and starchy," he quipped.)

"From a purely mathematical standpoint, I and my fellow conservatives will eventually yield to the inevitability of Mitt Romney," Colbert said with resignation.

With that, the Countdown to Loving Mitt clock he unveiled last week, in a joke on Republican voters' reluctance to get behind Romney's candidacy, reappeared.

"How long have I got? Oh God! Twenty-three hours, 58 minutes — I can't breathe!" he said. "It's just bad luck for the bride to see the man you're going to marry before you want to."

Check out the video below.

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