Conan Launches 24-Hour Live “Coco Cam”

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Conan’s (stairwell) is live on the web.

Comedian Conan O’Brien flipped the switch on a 24-hour “Coco Cam” on his YouTube channel Wednesday afternoon, offering a voyeuristic glimpse of his office in advance of his Nov. 8 late-night TBS debut.

The first hour featured an aerobics session with women in ‘80s-era workout threads, with the broadcast also promising a dancing man in a taco costume, The Associated Press reported.

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As of this writer’s viewing, a bevy of 20- and 30-something staffers could be seen milling about as hypnotic tones looped in the  background. Occasionally, one would give a shout-out to presumed friends or family members. Another member of Team Coco affixed a “kick me” sign to someone else’s back. O’Brien was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, about a dozen people congregated near the staircase for “Punishment Bingo.” The winner of the first round was told to flip a coin for a prize or punishment. She escaped punishment with heads, and won a “terracotta soldier.”  Bingo winner no. 2 won an alligator necklace.

The footage didn’t make for must-see-TV, but was a surreal spectacle nonetheless.

“Only 17 more hours of this, Internet,” one staffer observed. “Get it while you can.”

O’Brien’s livestream, set to end at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, is just the latest stunt to hype his return to television, following his well publicized fallout with NBC.

The red-headed comic has disseminated a stream of promotional Internet clips via Twitter and Facebook and also commissioned a bright orange blimp with the tagline “You can’t run from a blimp.”

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