Coraline Loses Its Luster (And Dimensions) on DVD

3D is near-impossible to see on DVD

Despite being a devoted fan of Neil Gaiman's printed works, I somehow didn't get the chance to see Coraline in the theaters, due to various life interferences. However, I was thrilled with delight when I received a copy in the mail the other day... complete with a little promotional mobile (it went right next to the one that I had from the Stardust graphic novel).

I wanted to watch the film in its 3D format, as all of my friends had raved about how cool the stop-motion looked, but I ended up feeling like a fat kid from a Kevin Smith movie staring at a Magic Eye poster and never getting to see the sailboat.

I didn't get to see Coraline's vivid blue hair, and the colors all seemed so muted. In fairness, the moments that were supposed to pop in 3D, did actually pop, but it made the rest of the viewing experience frustrating. Now, I realize that the little title screen before the movie advises that you watch in a completely dark room, and perhaps that would have helped matters, but it means that I can only ever watch the movie late at night, instead of during the day because I've got big windows.

Once my frustration level reached a high, I flipped the disc to the 2D side and just watched it for the film it was. And I loved it. It's charming and adorable and completely captivating and actually made me not hate Teri Hatcher as much as I normally do. She really sold the creepy Other Mother. Who hasn't dreamed of swapping lives with someone, only to find out it isn't all roses?

While the story deviated a bit from the novel and added some characters, I still enjoyed the heck out of it. Enough to even give the 3D another try... as soon as it is late at night, and I move my TV to my windowless basement.

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