Donald Trump — and His Hair — Weigh in on Key Questions

The Donald had flirted with a GOP, and later an independent, run for president but instead endorsed Mitt Romney Thursday

Late night hosts can never resist a joke about Donald Trump — and Thursday, when the tycoon-turned-TV host endorsed Mitt Romney for president, was no exception.

Jimmy Fallon got in on the act with a hoarse monologue delivered from a stage in Indianapolis, where he hosted a special Super Bowl "Late Night" show.

Mimicking his trademark New York-bred bark, Fallon skewered The Donald's trademark self-aggrandizement, too.

"Trump was like, 'There's only one man with the brains, the skills and the charisma to be president. But since I'm not running, you might as well vote for Mitt Romney,'" he joked on his Groundhog Day broadcast.

"It was a really, really busy day for Trump, because just this morning, his hair popped out of the ground and predicted six more weeks of winter," he added.

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