Fallon Takes Viewers to “Mr. Romney's Neighborhood”

On Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night,” host Jimmy Fallon poked fun at GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s vow to cut funding to public television by doing a clever spoof on another PBS classic, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

Welcoming viewers to “Mister Romney’s Neighborhood,” Fallon did his best Mitt Romney impersonation and proceeded to mock the presidential hopeful, from his elusive tax returns to his substantial wealth.

After getting his shoes shined, Fallon’s Romney took out his wallet to tip the attendant, which prompted him to explain the function of a wallet, saying it’s “where money goes.”

“Now, do you do you know what money is?” Fallon’s Romney asked. “I’m guessing no because you’re watching public television, therefore you don’t have cable. Therefore you’re probably poor.”

Fallon’s Romney also took viewers on a trolley trip to the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe.”

“The neighborhood is a land of things that don’t exist in the real world,” Fallon’s Romney said. “Hey, look over there. It’s my tax returns.”

Although the Romney's have provided their 2010 and 2011 tax returns, Romney has come under fire for refusing to release more than two years of returns.

President Barack Obama, played by comedian Dion Flynn, also stopped by the neighborhood, with a copy of the October jobs report in tow.

“You remember Mr. Obama, right?” Fallon’s Romney asked viewers. “Last week at the debate he taught us all a new word: choke.”

To see more of “Mr. Romney’s Neighborhood,” check out the clip below:

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