Hundreds of Women Report Rapes by Khaddafy Forces

050911 iman al-obeidi

Militiamen loyal to Moammar Khaddafy have raped women across the country, Libyan women living in refugee camps said in a new survey. The Associated Press reports that more than 250 women who participated in a study by London-trained child psychologist Dr. Seham Segewa came forward with accounts of rape. The women were driven from their homes in numerous cities and towns across the country. Rape is thought to be vastly under-reported in the conservative Muslim country, where rape is often considered an injury to an entire family's honor. "The women I spoke to say they believed they were raped because their husbands and brothers were fighting Gadhafi," Sergewa said. "They are using rape not just to hurt women but to terrorize entire families and communities."

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