January Jones Gets “Mad” on “SNL”

"Mad Men" actress brings old-school glamour to "SNL"

January Jones brought a barrel of '50s-era glam to "Saturday Night Live" this week, playing various versions of her mid-century "Mad Men" character Betty in sketches while hosting the hit program.

The NBC improv show took advantage of Jones' ability to play the perfect '50s wife, putting the blonde bombshell into roles that included Hitchcock movie star Grace Kelly and a homemaker giving advice on how to plan a cocktail party.

Jones' portrayal of Kelly in a parody of the Hitchcock classic "Rear Window" featured Jones trying not to crack a smile as her character repeatedly emitted gas from underneath her floaty poodle skirt.

"It's just such a tense scene and so big a lunch," Jones deadpanned as the angelic Hitchcock muse.

The actress mocked gender stereotypes in "A Ladies Guide to Party Planning," which featured Jones as a '50s housewife who advised other party-planning wives to "nod and smile" at their husband's patronizing stories and to avoid newspapers so they don't "get ideas."

Jones strayed from "Mad Men"-style roles for a part in "Cloud Gazing," which saw her play a modern woman on an awkward picnic date, and "Around the Town," which starred Jones as a Dairy Queen ice-cream worker.

Jones' character Betty will divorce her "Mad Men" on-screen husband Jon Draper, the AMC show revealed on its season finale this week.

This week's episode of "Saturday Night Live" also featured the Black Eyed Peas, who performed twice on the show.

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