Jason Bateman on “Arrested Development:” No News Is Good News

Much like Buster Bluth incessantly crying for Mother, fans are contently hounding the entire cast of “Arrested Development” over any new detail about the long-rumored movie.

This time around, it’s Jason Bateman. Though he has two movies due out this summer (“The Change-Up” and “Horrible Bosses), the question on every fan’s lips is the same: update, now!

But Bateman isn’t privy to any top-secret information. At least, he doesn’t give anything away. “I have no update at all,” he said.

“As far as I know,” Bateman told Entertainment Weekly, “[creator] Mitchell Hurwitz is working on the script and he wants to start shooting at some point this year.”

No news, though, is good news. “While I haven’t heard anything new,” Bateman said, “I haven’t heard anything what would contradict that.”

Bateman said that playing the neurotic but essentially good Michael Bluth on the show was a “career saver,” and the role he’s “most proud of.”

Here’s hoping he can be proud again.

Selected Reading: EW, YouTube

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