Jay Leno Ribs Romney on “Tonight Show”

The late-night host riffed on the Tuesday's Southern primaries, the GOP field.


Jay Leno scored some chuckles on Wednesday's edition of "The Tonight Show" poking fun at — you guessed it — the GOP presidential candidates. The talk-show host lobbed most of his potshots at Mitt Romney, who just the night before had lost the Republican primaries in Mississippi and Alabama.

"The Crimson Chin" hit the usual targets: Romney as aloof plutocrat, Romney as stiff CEO, and so forth. But now that general political momentum has shifted to Rick Santorum — delegate math notwithstanding — the standard Romney-ribbing cut deeper than usual.

"The good news for Mitt Romney: he doesn't have to pretend to like grits anymore," Leno quipped.

Of course, in the spirit of equal opportunity comedy, Leno also knocked Santorum and also-ran Newt Gingrich.

Watch the full clip below.

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