Jenny McCarthy Gives Cop a Midnight Kiss

Jenny McCarthy finds a playmate

Jenny McCarthy “singled out” one of New York’s Finest when she planted a midnight kiss on him Saturday night during "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.” McCarthy, a co-host for the holiday special, shared a lengthy lip-lock with a lucky police officer who was nearby when the ball dropped in Times Square. 

"I just happened to be standing with that hot cop," she later explained to co-host Ryan Seacrest. The kiss, which the cop rated a “10” when McCarthy asked for a grade, was captured on camera in the first moments of 2012.
McCarthy later took to Twitter, saying, "Hope u guys enjoyed it! FYI. I was wearing fake fur & the cop was a G rated kiss. (except for my hand squeezing his butt. Happy new year!" It looks like McCarthy’s midnight kiss will be a New Year’s tradition she also smooched a stranger last year when she first co-hosted the popular ABC countdown show.
The Playboy Playmate turned actress and author, who famously split with Jim Carrey in 2010, told before the show, "Well, I am single. Wink, wink. We'll be there five hours this year so who knows? I might pull out of the crowd and find a cute guy to kiss. I don't know. We'll see.”
She also tweeted earlier that evening, “I'm going to #BeBold in 2012 by asking more guys out and not waiting for them to come to me.”
Finally, someone kept a New Year’s resolution.
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