France Gets Its Own “Jersey Shore”

The hit MTV reality show is getting a reboot en Francais

Think "Jersey Shore" is a uniquely American phenomenon? MTV doesn't.

The network behind the reality show celebration of guidos, guidettes and a whole lot of GTL is banking on the same formula being a hit in France — with a French cast, on a French beach.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, French network TF1's channel NT1 not only is premiering the U.S. hit series in France but is also working on launching a local version of the show.

Viacom International Media Networks won't say where it will shoot the French "Jersey Shore" and told The Hollywood Reporter it was looking into a few regions.

"We’re not rushing into anything. We’re not trying to be in a volume business and produce dumbed down, diluted versions of the original," a Viacom executive, Caroline Beaton, told the magazine.

Another executive, Chris Linn, said it's the cast members, not the location, that makes the show so successful.

"They’re amplified versions of true stereotypes. There’s very little self-awareness of how they’re different from the average person," he said.

A British version of the show, dubbed "Geordie Shore," is already a huge hit in the United Kingdom and is in its third season.

So the obvious question for the French edition: What's French for "guidette?"

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