Jon Stewart Has “Difficulty” Caring About Decision 2012

The "six-month slog to the White House" is heating up—or not.

On Wednesday's edition of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart started the show with a recap of Tuesday's big political news: Mitt Romney's decisive five-state sweep, which essentially clinched the GOP nomination for the former Massachusetts governor.

Stewart, who often skewers Romney's image as a pedigreed elitist, declared that it was indeed a big night for "Mittington Romney the Eighth."

But with Decision 2012 slated to be a match-up Pres. Obama and Romney, Stewart is having trouble feeling anything but apathetic.

"Try as I might," he quipped, "I am having difficulty giving a [expletive]."

Stewart referred to the upcoming general election race as a "six-month slog to the White House."

Yup, it's "Obama v. Romney," Stewart said—with a big shrug. 

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