Jon Stewart Lauds Power of the “Kiss Cam”

"There’s only one thing powerful leaders respond to. The Kiss Cam!"

Pelting a motorcade with tomatoes may not compel powerful heads of state to trigger change, but according to “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, a “Kiss Cam” just might.

During Tuesday’s episode, the late night host took a moment to chronicle the power of the “Kiss Cam,” which President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were recently acquainted with.

“There’s only one thing powerful leaders respond to,” Stewart said before throwing to a clip of the First Couple locking lips at a U.S.A Basketball exhibition game in Washington. “The Kiss Cam!”

On Monday, President Obama attended the game with the First Lady and their daughter, Malia.  Obama, normally not prone to camera shyness, didn’t kiss his wife when the "Kiss Cam" first landed on the first couple, but delivered the second time around after he was goaded with a round of unappreciative boos.

“The only thing the most powerful leaders in the world bend to,” Stewart proclaimed. “It’s one more reason to be thankful Al Gore was never president.”

Mocking the former vice president’s attempt at public displays of affection, Stewart showed a clip of Gore planting a big kiss on his wife, Tipper, during the Democratic Convention in 2000.

Unlike the quick kisses Obama planted on his wife’s mouth and forehead, Gore gave Tipper a full-mouthed kiss that lasted an exceptionally long time, causing Stewart to squirm.

“Sure, our country might never have invaded Iraq, the Earth’s temperature would be maybe a few degrees cooler,” Stewart said. “But not worth it."

To see the full power of the “Kiss Cam” check out the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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