Justin Bieber Plans to Grow a Mustache

First the 'do, now a 'stache. The little Bieber is growing up fast.

First Justin Bieber trimmed his famed locks and now he's about to grow some hair on his baby face.

The teen pop star revealed plans to grown a mustache on Twitter, reports US Magazine.

"im not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache," he wrote on March 6 Saturday. "i'm pumped."

When it comes to matters of his coiffure, Bieber's fans are practially zealous. The "Baby" singer lost 80,000 Twitter followers when he jettisoned his bowl cut recently.

But that move was not for nothing. Bieber's hair shavings ended up selling for $40,000 in a charity auction hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

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