Katie Couric to Appear on “Glee”

CBS News star to play herself

Britney Spears. Gwyneth Paltrow. Katie Couric?

It's true: Sarah Palin's least favorite person in the world has inked a deal to make a cameo on Fox's guest-star-happy hit TV show "Glee." And according to the New York Post, it's looking like the Couric episode will air on Feb. 6, following the Super Bowl.

The CBS News star will play herself on the show, according to the Post. While the move may appear incongruous for a serious-minded journalist, the lines between news, politics and entertainment have of course blurred almost beyond recognition in recent years.

Palin herself has done more than anyone to muddle such distinctions -- she's both a possible GOP presidential front runner in 2012 and the Twitter-mad star of a TLC reality show.

Other politicians and news personalities now regularly turn up on non-news programs. John McCain and Brian Williams, to take but two examples, have both cracked the boards of  Studio 8H for "Saturday Night Live."

What makes Couric's turn on "Glee" most unexpected is that she had slammed the show's stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron for their racy photos in a recent issue of "GQ" magazine. Couric has, however, said in the past that she is a fan of the show and all is apparently forgiven now.

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