Leighton Meester's Mom Drops Claims on “Gossip Girl” Money

The TV star's mother had claimed she was owed $10,000 a month

Leighton Meester's legal battle with her own mother has come to a close — and it looks like the "Gossip Girl" star has won, in a way.

In the family legal showdown over the actress's earnings, Meester's mom dropped all her claims against her daughter. Now Meester is getting a default judgment against her mom, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Meester's mom had argued, in a suit originally filed by the "Gossip Girl" actress herself, that she had "sacrificed her happiness" for her famous daughter's career and acted as her manager. She said that as her daughter's manager, she was contractually owed money, and she asked for $3 million in damages.

That came in response to an original lawsuit that Meester had filed against her mom, who she said had misused the $7,500 a month she was already sending her. Meester said she had given her mom the money to pay for her brother's medical bills — but instead, Mom wound up frittering away the funds on plastic surgery and Botox, according to the actress's suit.

Meester had asked the court for a declaratory judgment that there was no contract between mother and daughter and that she didn't owe her mom any more money.

Now that Meester's mother has backed off her claims, Meester is waiting on a declaration by the court that she officially owes Mom nothing, according to E! Online.

Maybe the elder Meester was feeling the Christmas spirit.

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