Letterman Back, Mocks Jihadist Threat

David Letterman knows there’s no business like show business, and even death threats can’t come between him and his public.

“Tonight,” he told his studio audience,” you people are…more than an audience… you’re more like a human shield.”

Last week, a jihadist website threatened to punish the late-night talk show host for jokes he had made earlier about Osama bin Laden’s death. The website said they would cut Letterman’s tongue off.

That didn’t seem to faze the host, who returned to his desk and chair, mug in hand, on Monday night. Letterman apologized for arriving late to the stage, saying, “Backstage, I was talking to a guy from CBS, we were going through the CBS life insurance policy to see if I was covered for ‘jihad.’”

Letterman addressed the threat directly as the show went on. “I wish I had a nickel for every time a guy has threatened to cut my tongue out,” he said. “I think the first time was at the Academy Awards—during the Academy Awards.”

According to the CBS host, authorities have been investigating the threat. But Letterman knows who the culprit is—“Everybody knows it’s Leno.”

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