Mathew Knowles: Beyoncé Split Was “Strategic”

Everything happens for a reason. And Beyoncé’s dad Mathew Knowles, the singer’s former manager, said that their professional split was no different.

A statement previously released by Beyoncé said there was no bad blood between Beyoncé and her father, who had been her manager since her Destiny’s Child days. But in an interview with Black Enterprise, Knowles said the decision had been in place months before it was publically announced. “If you’re strategic, which we are,” he said, “you don’t make a decision like that before you start a dialogue.”

But things are still chummy in the Knowles household. “At the end of the day, I’m Beyoncé’s father first and her manager second,” Knowles said. And since Beyoncé is nearing her 30th birthday, he thinks she’s certainly ready to run her own business.

Knowles, whose company Music World Entertainment still manages the now-defunct Destiny’s Child, sees the possibility for a future reunion. “I wouldn’t be surprised if one day…Destiny’s Child goes on tour,” he said.

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