Gay Marriage Opponents Unite in Supposedly Liberal France

"Une mère, un mari, un mariage" (One mother, one husband, one marriage). This is the call to arms for those opposed to the legalization of gay marriage and gay adoption in France, NBC News reported. Under this banner thousands turned out on Saturday for demonstrations organized in every one of France's 96 regions. The French parliament adopted Saturday the main clause of a bill that would allow same-sex marriage and grant gay couples the right to adopt children. About 1,000 people holding signs that read, "We are all born of a man and a woman" gathered in Paris not far from the parliament building, Reuters reported. Protesters also assembled outside the town hall in Lyon. The umbrella group for the anti-camp is called "manif pour tous" (a pun: manif, or demonstration, for everyone as opposed to marriage for everyone). The group was behind a huge rally in Paris attended by between 340,000 and 800,000 people on January 13th. They insist their movement is not homophobic, that it is the legalization of gay adoption that they are against as this amounts to the breakdown of the traditional family.

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