Rumors Swirl on Twitter About Possible “Frasier” Spin-Off

If Twitter is to be believed, Dr. Frasier Crane may be back on the air very soon.

Over the last month, a series of post on Kelsey Grammer's Twitter account have indicated that the actor is considering reviving the show, reports the Independent.

The new show would apparently feature both Grammer, reprising his title role, and his brother, Niles, played by David Hyde Pierce and involve story lines that focused on their children.

"Maybe a Frasier Reunion on like a new show seriously thinking about that!!!" read on of the missives.

However, a rep for Grammer contested the reports that the show was being resurrected.

"That is not true at all. Nothing's happening. 'Frasier's' done," said Stan Rosenfield in an interview with TV Guide.

He pointed out that a team of people update Grammer's Twitter account, and that may have led to the rumors.

"That's what happens when you don't do your own tweets and things get misinterpreted and people who do your tweeting misinterpret something," he said.

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