Sarah Palin Shops TV Show With “Survivor” Producer

Palin could make a jump from politics to the small screen

Sarah Palin could soon make a move on Kate Gosselin's reality-TV crown.

The politician-turned-author-turned-Tea Party mascot is shopping a reality show with "Survivor" super-producer Mark Burnett, network sources told Entertainment Weekly as Palin reportedly made the rounds to major TV networks.

Palin visited ABC with Burnett Wednesday and met with reality honcho Mike Darnell at Fox Tuesday, according to EW sources, who also confirmed Palin made a trip to CBS and has plans to meet with an NBC exec.

The program will reportedly be a docudrama about Alaska and will take a "planet-Earth type look" at the ex-governor's home state, the insiders said.

It will be produced by Burnett, famous for his successes into reality television, including long-time hit "Survivor" and Donald Trump's "The Apprentice."

The Palin family would be on-camera for the show, according to the Hollywood Reporter, though it was unclear whether Palin's teen-mom daughter Bristol or husband Todd would appear on the program with the former vice-presidential candidate.

Network executives told the Hollywood Reporter the series could be a success.

"There's an awful lot of interest in her," one exec said. "As a short-order series, it might work. It would depend on what kind of footage you get."

The announcement comes on the heels of news Palin would write a second book, one that will focus on "key values -- both national and spiritual" of the ex-governor's life, her publisher said.

Palin's first book, the bestseller "Going Rogue," was a memoir that detailed Palin's personal and political life and sold over 2 million copies.

The politician spoke to talk-show titan Jay Leno earlier this week as he made his return to "The Tonight Show," telling Leno she had dreamt before of appearing on TV: her previous ambition was to be a sportscaster, she said.

This won't be Palin's first TV rodeo -- she was hired as a Fox political analyst last month and made her on-screen debut in January on "The O'Reilly Factor."

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