Stalker Caught in Madonna's Home

Madge was in the states when the man was found in her London home.

A stalker who is crazy for the Material Girl was arrested over the weekend for breaking into her London mansion, reports the New York Daily News.

Due to a trip to the United States to attend the funeral of her grandmother, Madonna was not on the premises when Grzegorz Matlok shattered a side window and entered her home.

"Something dreadful has happened here, "a senior police official told London's Sun newspaper. "The security around the world's most famous pop star should be impregnable."

Eventually, bodyguards for the "Borderline" singer realized that an intruder was in the ten-bedroom house and took him into custody after they discovered him going through her possessions. They turned the 29-year-old Polish immigrant over to the authorities and he was charged with burglary.

The bodyguards told London police that Matlok had been stalking Madonna for some time.

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