Jon Stewart: “No Winners” from Gaza Crisis

"Daily Show" host takes on media coverage of Hamas-Israel fight

Fresh off a Thanksgiving hiatus, “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart dove right into a discussion about the week-long violence that embroiled the Gaza Strip, mocking the media’s attempt at classifying “winners” and “losers” in what he believes is an unwinnable conflict.

Before Stewart launched into his monologue, the production team mixed up the visuals of the Gaza Strip, and instead showed images of “Gaga’s Lips” and “Gosling Stripped.” Stewart settled on the image of the bare-chested Ryan Gosling, with the raucous approval of the audience.

“I think I found a way to solve this conflict,” Stewart teased. “Someone needs to surrender some Holy Land.”

Stewart proceeded to recap the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and attempted to explain what instigated the skirmish. Only, the explanation was more long-winded than expected.

“This is such a depressing, cyclical status quo where the untenable underlying conditions are never addressed,” Stewart bemoaned. “There are no winners here.”

But multiple news pundits didn’t share the same opinion. News analysts labeled a range of countries and people, from Egypt to Israel and Hillary Clinton to Benjamin Netanyahu, as the clear “winners” in the conflict.

“You really miss the election, don’t you?” Stewart said, mocking the media.

Stewart’s observation prompted him to question whether there were any “losers” in a conflict that killed over 150 people.

And it seemed that news pundits managed to agree on one thing: the losers, Mahmoud Abbas and Iran.

“So the only two losers in the war between Israel and Gaza are the people who don’t live in either of those places,” Stewart surmised.

For more of Stewart’s take on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, check out the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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