Stewart Mocks Romney's “Checkmate Moment” at Debate

“He inexplicably walked into a weird nitpicky semantic trap that hadn’t even really been set,” Stewart says

Following President Barack Obama’s lackluster performance during the first presidential debate, "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart was eager to see “which version of Barack Obama” would appear at Hofstra University: first debate’s "Sleepytime McGillicuddy" or post-debate’s "Pretty Talk Jones."

"Yes, President Obama decided to attend this debate!" Stewart proclaimed, tipping his hat to Obama’s sharp debate performance.

Although Stewart acknowledged that "Romney was sharp and drew blood," he noted that unlike two weeks ago, the president threw multiple zingers at former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and called out the GOP presidential candidate for lying, which Stewart said showed just "how much they f---ing hate each other!"

Despite Gov. Romney’s "odd moment" when he said his efforts to staff more women for Cabinet positions was aided by "whole binders full of women," Stewart expected Gov. Romney to score big points when it came to discussing the Obama administration’s muddled response to the U.S. Consulate attack in Benghazi.

Only no points were scored.

"He inexplicably walked into a weird nitpicky semantic trap that hadn’t even really been set," Stewart mocked.

Romney flung a false charge that the president didn’t refer to last month’s Benghazi attack as "an act of terror" the day following the attack, which prompted the president to utter three words: "Please proceed, Governor."

What could have been Romney’s "checkmate moment" was more like a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner moment, Stewart said, where "that door your opponent is pointing to is merely paint on a rock."

Stewart went on to observe that the evidence of Obama's resurgence was everywhere post-debate.

"MSNBC no longer seemed suicidal," Stewart teased. "And of course, Fox News … well, just let them cry themselves to sleep."

To see Stewart’s take on the second presidential debate, check out the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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