Susan Boyle Is Open to a Duet with Rihanna

Susan Boyle's repertoire is largely show tunes and classics, but the YouTube singing sensation said she's open to the idea of an R&B duet with Rihanna.

"There are certain types of music that you're good at and certain types that you're not," the matronly Scottish singer, who shocked the world when she opened her mouth and rocked the stage on "Britain's Got Talent," told The Toronto Sun.  "I mean, would I be good at R&B? I suppose you never know. Maybe me and Rihanna could get together, I could dye my hair purple."

It may not be the craziest idea for Rihanna to take Boyle up on her offer, considering Boyle's second album, "The Gift," topped the charts this week and trumped the R&B songstress's new release.  A real dream for Boyle, however, is to perform with her childhood idol, Paul McCartney.

"I'd like to meet Paul," Boyle told the Sun. "If he ever wanted to perform together, I'd have no problem with it - here I am, baby!"

Whether or not a duet with Rihanna or McCartney would work, ex-American Idol judge Simon Cowell, thinks she is talented enough to sing at Prince William's Royal wedding to Kate Middleton in April.

 "Susan Boyle would be perfect," TV Guide reported he told Extra, adding that the lovable British singer's version of "I Dreamed a Dream" would be icing on the wedding cake. So far, Elton John is expected to perform at the ceremony.

It's an exciting year for the talented singer- she will also be following Britney Spears, Javier Bardem and Gwyneth Paltrow by guest performing as a lunch lady on hit Fox show "Glee's" holiday episode.

Selected Reading: Toronto Sun

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