Al-Qaida Chief Has “Migrated”: Pakistani Official

Redes Sociales

Al-Qaida's new leader is on the move. A Pakistani intelligence official told NBC News on Wednesday that Ayman al-Awahri and his key commanders have "migrated" from South Asia to either Yemen or Somalia. The official said the "solid intelligence reports" are based on recent arrests of top al-Qaida officials, which likely include three al-Qaida suspects detained earlier this month in an operation U.S. officials called a significant achievement. On Tuesday, a U.S. intelligence official said he believed al-Zawahri, who took over for Osama bin Laden after he was killed in a May 2 raid, was "constantly on the run" and too focused on staying alive to be involved in the terrorist group's operations. An official also said al-Qaida was "shattered."

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