Judge: “Survivor” Champ Violated Supervised Release

A Rhode Island judge ruled that "Survivor" champion Richard Hatch failed to file the taxes on his prize--again.

The winning tribesman of season one violated the terms of his supervised release from prison, in which he was supposed to finally pay the back taxes he owed on his million dollar prize, U.S. District Judge William Smith said Monday.

Hatch, 49, was sent to the slammer in 2006 for more than three years for dodging his 2000 and 2001 taxes. He was then ordered to three years of supervised release.

The reality star, who is set to appear in the spring season of "Celebrity Apprentice," now owes Uncle Sam more money than he earned in the first place; $1.7 million, including interest and penalties, according to the IRS.

The Providence judge did not immediately send Hatch back to jail, ABC reported. Judge Smith said he would sentence the "Survivor" after receiving additional written arguments from both sides.

The former corporate trainer was last in court December 15. His request to delay the proceeding until Jan. 10 was granted.

Then, Hatch insisted to reporters he was innocent and that he owed nothing.

"I'm looking forward to the hearing," Hatch told the Associated Press a month ago. "That's where you'll hear the facts... This is the only way the fact actually get before court."

If he is found guilty, the winning tribesman could spend up to two more years in jail. 

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