Snuggie Craze Goes To The Dogs

Now you and your dog can wear matching blankets

The Snuggie blanket craze that had otherwise normal Americans walking around their living rooms looking like Friar Lawrence has now spread to pooches.

Pet owners who worry that their dog is cold or wishing he too could wear a blanket with sleeves, can now put their fears to rest with Snuggie for Dogs. The fleece blanket allows humans the freedom to walk around (or type on a laptop) without having to make that awful decision--should I neglect what I need to do so I can remain snuggled in my blanket, or should I expose myself to cold and fulfill my responsibilities? The freedoms it affords canines appear to be more abstract.

The advertisement for the hound-wear offers two Snuggies (blue and pink in a variety of sizes) as well as two recordable dog tags for just under $15.

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