NBC News Freelancer With Ebola “Relieved” to Be in U.S.

The father of the NBC News cameraman being treated for Ebola in Nebraska said he had warned Ashoka Mukpo not to have traveled to Liberia over fears he could contract the disease. "I told him I thought he was crazy," Mukpo’s father Dr. Mitchell Levy said at a Monday press conference with Nebraska Medical Center officials. Still, he said he was "proud" of his son. Mukpo’s mother, Diana Mukpo, said she had "begged him from a mother’s perspective, please don’t go." Mukpo’s parents said their son’s symptoms included a fever and nausea. "We’re really happy that his symptoms are not extreme yet. He seems to be in good spirits," Diana Mukpo said. Ashoka Mukpo may have contracted Ebola from helping spray down a vehicle used to transport a victim, his parents said. Mukpo, 33, arrived in the U.S. earlier Monday after having been flown from Liberia. He is "enormously relieved to be here," his mother said.

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