Netflix Charging More for Ultra HD Content


Netflix has decided to charge more for its new ultra high-definition streaming which reportedly is four times the resolution of current HD fare.

Netflix aims to charge $11.99 a month because of "higher expenses" from the content, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Last May, the company announced that its original series would be available in the 4K format. Other than the original series, there are few titles -- Breaking Bad and The Blacklist, for instance -- available.
"We’re very high on 4K, and I think 4K is around to stay," Netflix spokesman Cliff Edwards told Bloomberg.  
Despite the higher price, viewers will also have to invest in an ultra HD TV,  which may not be on the radar for most of Netflix's users. Netflix plans to grandfather in its 4K users within the next two years, but for new 4K users the price will be $11.99 a month.
Is the money worth it? Most of Netflix's users won't have TVs sensitive enough to detect ultra HD, so the point is kind of moot. In the next few years, as ultra-HD TV prices drop and content rises, it may be a different story.
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