Netropolitan, Facebook for Rich People, Only $9,000 a Year


For $9,000 a year, you can join an elite social network called an "online country club" and mix with other possibly rich people.

The new social network is called Netropolitan and looks a lot like Facebook but with no ads. Netropolitan provides you with other elite users all for a small fee -- well, a one-time fee ($6,000) and then a yearly fee ($9,000), according to PCMag. The social network launched Tuesday and hopes to spark interest in the wealthy, but didn't give much information on its clientele.

We simply cannot stress enough how important preserving our members' privacy is to us," the company told PCMag. "Other than announcing that at our launch we already had several hundred members, we will never publicly state the exact number of members in the club. And especially, we will NEVER release or verify the identity of any of our members – ever." 

Aside from basic social network stuff like updates, notifications and messages, Netropolitan also gives users unlimited cloud storage, no ads and no promotions. Netropolitan also had to say that it wasn't a concierge service, so its member services staff will not be booking users a charter jet or tickets to Broadway shows. 

James Touchi-Peters is the creator, and the subject of the startup's promotional photos who created the site so he could "talk about the finer things in life without a backlash."

Will the 1 percent want a piece of Netropolitan? We're not sure, especially since it's not offering anything that can't be had for free.

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