Nevada City: Where October Vacations

Trick-or-treating, spooky grown-up fun, and all of those fabulous fall leaves lend atmos to Oct.

Erin Thiem

REAL-LIFE CANDY CORN GLOBE: Snow globes are understandably popular when the end-of-the-year holidays draw near. After all, they're just so darn cute, and they come in all sizes, and some are definitely affordable, and gift-givers find them to be seasonally appropriate gifts for a number of giftees. But the thing about snow globes is they tend to be focused on, well, snow, and the scenes presented under the domed glass often feature Santa and gingerbread houses and candy canes. Where, though, are the candy corn globes, the small, round giftables that rain orange-hued candy instead of faux snow on tiny spooky houses? Well, they do exist (though probably not with real falling candy corn per se, which can get goopy in water). And such environments exist in reality, too, if you know where to look. For example, if you turn your autumn-loving gaze upon Nevada City, in the northern part of Gold Country, you'll find a charming town that looks as though it sprung fully formed from a snow globe (or, rather, candy corn globe). And come October, its charms are enhanced by Halloween decor, trick-or-treating, and other not-too-terrifying to-dos that lend one of our state's most foliage-rich destinations a ton of quirky, camera-ready cred. So are you ready to October-it-up, or Halloween-it-up, or both, in dear...

NEVADA CITY? Best peruse everything on the October list, from trick-or-treating on picturesque (and 1800s-esque) Broad Street to a Fright Night party on Saturday, Oct. 29 at the historic Miners Foundry (soul music, dancing, and convivial details await). There are ghost tours, too, to ponder, which make spectral sense, as Nevada City's past is full and rumored to be phantom-y. And as for the fall color? It's definitely revving up, so find your booklet of Nevada City trees and get strolling. We're not saying that by visiting Nevada City you'll be stepping into a human-sized candy corn globe, but we are saying you might feel that way. It's a tad magical, is the thing, and that quality should never be in short supply during the autumntime of the year.

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