New: Condor Nest Cam in Big Sur

Eager to see a chick's progress? And maybe help name the baby?

PUT YOUR NAMING HAT ON: So just when you thought you could take a day or two of rest from the whole "name this adorable animal" contest world, another adorable California critter needing a marvelous moniker pops into view. Did you suggest names for the sweet baby Patas monkey residing at Safari West in Santa Rosa? The winner will receive the happy news by the end of the month and nab a free tour of the vast animal preserve to boot. Whether or not you're the victor -- and, really, when animals gain notice and attention, everyone wins, especially the needs-a-name sweetie -- you've got a new naming task set before you, and this time it has a few fresh elements. This name-the-beastie push involves a redwood with a hollowed-out knot, Big Sur, and a fluffbiscuit of a little condor. But there's even more to this name-a-baby-condor story, and it is sweet: The Ventana Wildlife Society, which stays actively involved and protective of Big Sur's ever-growing condor community, has just announced a brand-new condor nest cam. 

YES, THAT'S A BRAND-NEW CONDOR CAM... but this one takes a special focus on the baby of Kingpin and Redwood Queen. "This female condor chick was approximately 4 months old in mid-August and is expected to 'fledge' or leave the next to learn to fly, in October," reveals the society's web site. That means that any admiring of the youngster should be done in the next few weeks, before the exciting wing-spreader of a day arrives. Oh, yes, and as for naming condor chick #799? There's a donation of twenty five bucks involved, and the chance to submit three possible names.  

IF YOU WANT TO EYE THE ADULT CONDORS... in the Ventana Wildlife Society Condor Sanctuary, the established Condor Cam is still very much in service. If you want to eye one of the huge-of-wingspan beauties in flight, book a once-a-month California Condor Viewing Tour with the society. If you, too, want to live in high up in coast redwood, well... Here's hoping that Redwood Queen is your mom and you've got a few feathers on your back. Otherwise we ground-dwellers will have to watch the Condor Nest Cam and coo over the cuteness from our not-quite-as-nest-like cubicles.

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