New Doughnut-Ice Cream Hybrid Food Craze: Milky Buns

There's a new food craze that is kicking Cronuts to the curb: the Milky Bun.

"When [customers] tried the Milky Bun for the first time, that's when the wild fire started," Scott Ngheim, co-found of Afters Ice Cream in Los Angeles, told NBC News. "We did not expect the scale of how large everything went."

Ngheim and his partner Andy Nguyen put a new twist to classic sweets: stuffing homemade ice cream inside a warm glazed doughnut. 

When Ngheim and Nguyen started the ice cream shop, they knew the frozen dessert wouldn't be enough.

"We needed something more in order to get people really excited," said Nguyen. The two said they "tried anything and everything" that could hold ice cream, including shells, waffles and breads.
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